Covid-19: Lessons From the Virus

This page contains the information about coronavirus, its impact on the world and the lessons it can provide for the future.

A Corona-induced Shake Up within Indonesia?

‘With Indonesia having the largest number of coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia and the second highest in Asia, it is very surprising that Jokowi waited until late December to remove Terawan from his position.’

What’s New in the World of Covid?

“Turning on the news, one might think that there is a single answer to every issue and there is always the “correct” side to stand on. However, policy is never binary and we are merely seeing an illusion of unanimity.”

The Long Way Out: FDI in Southeast Asia

With tensions around the world so high due to China throwing its political weight around more than usual, many have speculated as to how business and industry will respond to the world “post-corona”. Nations are now debating on the future of their economic relationship with China and the possibility of decoupling its factories away from […]

The Free State of Hong Kong

“The United Kingdom and its Conservative Government should support this cause out of moral necessity, and to help place Hong Kong as the captain of its own fate.”

Nicola Sturgeon and her hostility to Westminster

As we all know, the Scottish Government under the Scottish National Party (SNP) has tried to prove that they can deal with Covid-19 in their own way. This has led to the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, to take strong action, attempting to lock down the country quicker than the rest of the UK. […]

The Gradual Return of Strongman Politics

‘Whether old or new, leaders that are determined to show their independent strength to continue to defy transcendental forces that liberals put so much emphasis on, including the virus.’

Policy of Stupidity

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”. This simple idea, commonly known as Hanlon’s razor, is a golden rule when it comes to judging people’s behaviour in the world. Especially when it comes to politicians and their failed policies. As much as we would like to think that the people who […]

Public Policy of the Spread: What Covid-19 Reveals About our Identity

In the last few months, Covid-19 has taught us many things, which can change the way we see the world in the future. Our approach to China, black swan events, hopefully the views on hygiene for some people… Much needed knowledge. The newest lesson lies in the way we process information and approach policy. Every […]

The End of the Great Nap: COVID-19 breaking our slumber

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many to ponder what the world will be like post-lockdown. The ‘post-corona world’ is certainly going to be an issue for people across the world. But Eric Weinstein, an American mathematician and academic who is currently the managing director of Thiel Capital, has his own view on what […]

Coronavirus Numbers and Facts: Are the Lockdowns Worth It?

While the COVID-19 pandemic reaches its peak in many countries, the row over which policy tools to use seems to only get more vicious. Recently, Elon Musk stood up against the continuation of lockdowns and, much like anyone else who dared question the lockdown policy, got immediately lambasted by hordes of screeching boneheads incapable of […]

Malaysia and Its Migrant Corona Crisis

Since the start of the coronavirus, Southeast Asia has seen many difficult issues and problems arise in addition to ones it already has, one of these being the increasing levels of discrimination and racism of certain minority groups. Within recent days, this has become more transparent within Malaysia and its population of Rohingya Muslim refugees […]

All Quiet on the Eastern Front: The Emerging Tensions between Australia and China

The effects of COVID-19 have caused many nations to promise to investigate the origins of behind the epidemic, one of these nations being Australia. Due to such promises to pursue some form of response, Chinese officials have threatened to incur several economic consequences against Australia if it chooses to move ahead with their investigation. This […]

The Great Risk: China and Its Relationship with Medical Supplies

Since the end of World War II, the developed (and by extension the developing world) has been entangled into a debate around globalisation and global supply chains. Such a discussion has now reached its apex and now could be forming its own realignment due to the coronavirus crisis. The start of this realignment emerged with […]

Coronavirus and Crackdowns: Hong Kong in Turmoil Again

On the 18th of April, the Hong Kong Police (HKP) arrested fifteen individuals. Among them were veteran pro-democracy politicians, barristers and even a media tycoon, resulting in the biggest police crackdown on the region’s pro-democracy movement since last year. Within the group of arrested individuals were Martin Lee (Democratic Party founder), Margaret Ng (former politician […]

The Thucydides Trap and COVID-19: Is a New World Order Emerging?

The Ancient Greeks were arguably the establishers of Western civilisation, the prologue of a historical oscillation between progress and decline for all of society; including philosophy, mathematics, politics, economics, and the arts. The Greeks’ own ideas were not immune to being corrupted however, with certain figures such as the Roman physician and philosopher Galen anachronistically […]

The Black Swan called COVID-19: Its Financial Implications

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana The famous quote said above by George Santayana has become a favourite amongst those who remind themselves of society’s past mistakes, promising themselves to never make the same ones their forefathers once made. Yet such a statement becomes a fallacy when one […]

Uncertainty and Fear: Why is Corona Such a Big Deal

COVID-19, commonly known as Corona Virus, has been dominating headlines since its outbreak in late 2019. After its rapid flare-up in China, the virus has been slowly spreading around the world. However, there has been another disease which has outpaced Corona in speed and ferocity. Fear. Specifically, the creeping, crawling, nightmarish fear of the unknown. […]