Covid-19: Lessons From the Virus

This page contains the information about coronavirus, its impact on the world and the lessons it can provide for the future.

Why we should establish a Citizens Investment Grant System

‘The theory behind this is a simple one. If workers have a means of investing in stocks or shares, it can generate an additional source of income for workers in addition to selling their labour.’

What’s New in the World of Covid?

“Turning on the news, one might think that there is a single answer to every issue and there is always the “correct” side to stand on. However, policy is never binary and we are merely seeing an illusion of unanimity.”

Why a ‘Work from Home’ tax is wrong

‘The idea of taxing people who have started to work at home for their own protection seems to be more of a punishment for people who are taking responsibility.’

The Free State of Hong Kong

“The United Kingdom and its Conservative Government should support this cause out of moral necessity, and to help place Hong Kong as the captain of its own fate.”

Policy of Stupidity

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”. This simple idea, commonly known as Hanlon’s […]