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The UK’s New 5G Plan: A Japanese Rescue?

It has been recently revealed that NEC (Japan’s leading telecommunications company) has publicised their aim to establish an Open Ran centre in the UK. Such moves could possibly define the UK’s telecommunications 5G rollout.   This Open RAN Centre has said they aim “to accelerate the global adoption of Open RAN and to further strengthen […]

Regional Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Requisite for the Future?

One of the biggest problems we have in the 21st Century is the sourcing of funds to pay for local services and administrations. There has been many ideas raised to try and solve this problem; from making cuts; streamlining local services; giving up services to a higher-level form of governance; and everyone’s favourite – raising […]

Is Malaysia over the BRI?

In recent days, the Malaysian state of Melaka has terminated an agreement with the state’s main infrastructure developer over its Belt and Road Initiative project. As a result, the future of Malaysian involvement was thrown into question. This comes as the Melaka Chief Minister’s Office said in a statement that the agreement with KAJ Development […]

Malaysia and the Philippines Contest Sabahan Sovereignty

In Southeast Asia, there is currently no shortage of territorial disputes. Many such disputes are over vast areas of land and sea, an paradigmatic example of which is the dispute over the Northern Malaysian state of Sabah on the Island of Borneo. In recent months, Malaysia has presented “its second diplomatic note over the disputed South […]

What is an ASEAN?

While studying abroad in Hong Kong last year, I overheard a conversation between a young American woman and a young Singaporean man. During their conversation I heard perhaps one of my favourite questions to be asked – ‘What is an ASEAN?’. From this, I figured I would write a series of short articles around Southeast […]

What we can learn from private schools

As long as I have been in the UK, and have been old enough to pay attention to politics, private schools have always been an issue for the left in general and for the Labour Party in particular. This has never been clearer than during the last election, when the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn […]

A House Divided

“If anything, this situation is a show of failure on all sides. Failure of the policemen who detained Floyd to prevent a needles death. Failure of the president to exert leadership. Failure of local authorities to defend their own citizens. And the moment that the protests turned into riots, a failure of human conscience.”

Macron’s Final Days: How Did It Get To This?

Recent days have shown that Emmanuel Macron has been losing power. Many people have suggested, that if he loses too much, he will have to hold early elections. This issue emerged after another group of members within his party defected, which has led to a loss of his parliamentary majority. With the recent defections, as […]

Coronavirus Numbers and Facts: Are the Lockdowns Worth It?

While the COVID-19 pandemic reaches its peak in many countries, the row over which policy tools to use seems to only get more vicious. Recently, Elon Musk stood up against the continuation of lockdowns and, much like anyone else who dared question the lockdown policy, got immediately lambasted by hordes of screeching boneheads incapable of […]

Russian Neo-Eurasianism of modern day

Russia in the modern day has taken steps to go its own way within a geopolitical world with making the Eurasian Economic Union, securing rights and protections for Russian people who fall outside their borders example Crimea (Ukraine) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). This has all been part of their idea of foreign policy which has been […]

Libertarian Paternalism: A Revolutionary Resolution or an Ostentatious Oxymoron?

Libertarian paternalism, a term coined by behavioural economist Richard Thaler and legal scholar Cass Sunstein, is an idea that assumes it is possible to direct consumer behaviour in a positive way without encroaching on their freedom. This can be accomplished through what the behavioural science calls ‘nudges’ – indirect suggestions and reinforcements that influence our […]